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Bear Edition Carfume - Carfume UK

Bear Edition Carfume

Our delicately produced Carbears are an amazing car air freshener to add to your. Pick your colour, your favourite premium fragrance that matches your style and Drive Happy!

Christmas Collection

Cocktail Sale

Deluxe Edition Carfumes - Carfume UK

Deluxe Edition Carfumes

Our Deluxe Edition Carfume™️ car air fresheners have an extended lifetime and high performance when it comes to levelling up your driving experience. Drive Happy
Gift Sets

Gift Sets

The perfect gift for any time of year. Featuring the most popular colours and fragrances - guaranteed to make your loved ones DRIVE HAPPY.
Creedy For Him - Room Plug In - Carfume UK

Home Air Fresheners


CarFume - The Candy Edition - Carfume UK

Limited Edition

New Car Black Friday Collection

New Car Fragrance

Original Carfumes

Original Carfumes

Our Originals are a classic car air freshener for any vehicle. Choose one of our luxury hand-painted  bottles and a fragrance to match your style and Drive Happy. 
Premium Edition Carfumes

Premium Edition Carfumes

Choose from one of our car air fresheners. Luxury hand-painted matt finish bottles, a fragrance to match your style and Drive Happy

Reed Diffusers

Refills & Accessories - Carfume UK

Refills & Accessories

Ran out of your premium fragrance for your Deluxe? Love the colour of your Original but need a new cork? You'll find our refills and accessories here for your Carfume™️ Car Air Freshener. Drive Happy
Creedy For Him - Room Plug In - Carfume UK

Room Scent Collection

Pomegranate Noir Car Air Freshener, Unisex - Carfume UK


Wax Melts - Pack Of 6 - Carfume UK

Wax Melts

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