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CarFume Terms & Conditions

  • Do not over soak your wooden cork
  • Stick to the instruction card rules, given with every order
  • Make sure your cork is screwed on tightly and sitting level (not cross threaded) after removing the plastic cap
  • Position the wooden ball on your rope centrally to avoid and reduce the CarFume swinging
  • Once your cork is fully soaked through (Dark in colour and damp to touch) remove from your vehicle immediately
  • Do not unscrew your cork after it has been soaked
  • Keep liquids away from skin & clothes
  • Keep liquids away from car interiors (dashboards, seats, controls), must hang freely from your mirror and not rest on anything unless a vent clip is used
  • COLOUR SELECTION is NOT available, the colour of the bottles come as random. We can do our best to meet your requests if you send them via email or a social media handle but there is no guarantee! 

 Failure to abide by the conditions above could result in leaking, stains & damages. CarFume will not be held responsible for leaks, stains & damages due to the overuse and misuse of our products. By purchasing any of the products on our website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.


*Contains ALPHA PINENE, ISO E SUPER, limonene, 3 and 4-(4 hyrdoxy-4methylpentyl)-3-cyclohexene-1-carboxaldehyde. May produce an allergic reaction. Avoid release to environment. Dispose of contents/container to approved disposal site, in accordance with local regulations. Avoid contact with skin, interior dashboards & materials.


Subscription Terms & Conditions

By agreeing and ordering via our subscription service you are agreeing to taking at least 3 CarFume deliveries before being able to cancel. 

You can change which scent CarFume you receive after each order. 


If you have any queries regarding the terms and conditions please send a direct email to with the subject being 'Terms & Conditions'.