About Us

Your one-stop-shop for Luxury Car Fragrances. Our luxury car air fresheners fill your car with your favourite perfume, cologne or limited edition scents circulated through a choice of luxury diffuser products.


Levelling Up Your Drive

The average person spends over 4 years of their life in a car! We know our customers invest a lot of time and money to make themselves and their homes smell amazing, and believe you should have the opportunity to fragrance your car the same way.

Premium Luxury

Changing The Game

Think of car air fresheners and a limp and unimaginative green or yellow cardboard ‘magic’ tree or a jelly belly scented like an overbearing toilet cleaning product, is probably what springs to mind. At Carfume we are hoping to change that perception forever with our incredible range of premium, unique and luxurious Car Air Fresheners. No more headaches, or predictably dull car air fresheners dangling sadly from the rear-view mirror, just a beautifully scented car awaits.

Our products are famous for their long lasting diffusion, on average between 4-6 weeks of fragrance and we believe in giving our customers amazing value for money.


A Range Of Scents

We put a lot of time and research into finding the perfect fragrances here at Carfume HQ. Our core range is inspired by your favourite perfumes and colognes or aftershaves. We also have a range of seasonal limited editions, inspired by the time of year and current trends.

Our perfume and aftershave inspired range will ensure that your car always smells as good as you do! We are all familiar with
the concept of layering perfumes or colognes, by using a matching body lotion or shower gel to guarantee the fragrance lasts all day. Taking this idea and applying it to your car interior makes so much sense, ensuring your signature perfume or aftershave follows you everywhere you go!



Every year, billions of “throwaway” card air fresheners, laced with plastic packaging, end up in landfill across the world.

Given that the typical card air freshener lasts a matter of days if you’re lucky, the volume of these items that provide a low quality experience cause a huge amount of harm to the planet.

Our products are predominantly reusable, and we like to ensure all our materials are as sustainable as possible.

At Carfume, we minimise our use of non recyclable materials, and with the option to reuse our diffuser products they are the best option for sustainability and for helping the planet.

We will never preach to our customers about the environment, but we do feel a responsibility to do what we can to help the planet.

It's Time To Take Pride In Your Ride, With Carfume