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Original Carfumes - 50% OFF Limited time only - Carfume™️ UK

Original Carfumes

Our Original Carfume collection is a classic car air freshener for any vehicle. Choose one of our iconic geometric bottles and your favourite fragrance from our inspired by perfume or cologne collections.

The Carfume Original Range is our core product, presented in a beautiful geometric, crystal shaped bottle with a wooden lid. The Carfume Original comes in a variety of colours and can either be hung from the rear-view mirror or paired with a Vent Clip and attached to the air vents.

Whatever your Car Air Freshener needs are, you can always rely on Carfume to have something for everyone. Whether you are wanting to try a car cologne, car perfume, a traditional scent or something new and original, with Carfume you will never be disappointed. Our range of carefully chosen Car Air Freshener products will ensure that you are able to simply choose the ideal product for you, along with your favourite fragrance at the click of a button. All our Carfume products can be used individually or alongside one another, to create your optimum car fragrance. Drive happy with Carfume.

Premium Edition Carfumes - Carfume™️ UK

Premium Edition Carfumes

Introducing our range of Premium Edition Carfumes in a choice of vibrant colours, all with a special matt finish.

Simply choose your colour, then select your ideal fragrance from the drop down menu.

Drive Happy with Carfume!

Purifier - Carfume™️ UK


Reed Diffusers

Refills & Accessories - Carfume UK

Refills & Accessories

Ran out of your premium fragrance for your Deluxe? Love the colour of your Original but need a new cork? You'll find our refills and accessories here for your Carfume™️ Car Air Freshener. Drive Happy

Rouge 540

Rouge 540 Collection

Rouge 540 Collection

Our limited edition range, for Christmas 2021, all scented with the incredible Rouge 540.

Snow Fairies - Carfume™️ UK

Snow Fairies

Snow Fairies Collection

Snow Fairies Collection

Snow Fairies is the most delicious and addictive car fragrance and what could be more festive than snow and fairies? A gorgeous limited edition Christmas car air freshener, scented with candyfloss, lime and bubble gum. Amazing. 

'Mist' Diffusers - Carfume™️ UK

The Carfume Mist

The Carfume Mist® is an ultrasonic diffuser that vaporizes water with your chosen fragrance to create a calming, smooth and cool fragrant mist. Use for an instant burst of fragrance.

USB powered humidifier, perfect for use in the car or home. 

Supplied with your choice of Carfume fragrance.

Matte Black Premium Orb  - Limited Edition - Carfume™️ UK

The Orb - Limited Edition

Strawberry & Cherry Euphoria - Carfume™️ UK


Strawberry & Cherry Euphoria Scent Card - Carfume™️ UK

Traditional Scent Cards

Valentine’s Collection

Valentine’s Collection

Gift ideas to suit everyone this Valentine’s Day! From our brand new Carfume Love Heart diffuser to our Deluxe Gift Set containing your fave car perfumes, the only question is which you will choose?

Vent Clip Carfumes

Our collection of Carfumes that can be attached to your car vent clips.

With a choice of styles there is something for everyone!

Wax Melts

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