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Our collection of luxury CarBear diffusers offer something a little more unique than the usual car air fresheners. The CarBear is made from a luxury material which subtly soaks your chosen fragrances and omits at a modest rate.

All have been designed and engineered specifically for use in cars for maximum diffusion and to deliver the best experience possible.

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The CarBear range is a collection of beautiful vent diffusers that effortlessly and discreetly fit into your car's interior.

Whatever your Car Air Freshener needs are, you can always rely on Carfume to have something for everyone. Whether you are wanting to try a car cologne, car perfume, a traditional scent or something new and original, with Carfume you will never be disappointed. Our range of carefully chosen Car Air Freshener products will ensure that you are able to simply choose the ideal product for you, along with your favourite fragrance at the click of a button. All our Carfume products can be used individually or alongside one another, to create your optimum car fragrance. Drive happy with Carfume.

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Our 'inspired by' and seasonal fragrances are all designed and made in the UK by our fragrance experts.

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