Introducing Carfume 2.0

The "Next Gen" Car Air Freshener

Engineered to perfection, the new Carfume 2.0 has been made for you. Delivering the longest lasting fragrance and adding ultimate luxury to your drive! 

Often imitated, never duplicated

30%+ Stronger Scent
Fragrance Control
Longer Lasting
Premium Styling

The “Must Have” Car Accessory of 2023!

Ultra Absorbent Cork Diffuser

Synthetic addition delivers 30%+ stronger fragrance! 

Powerful Fragrance

Improved formula gives over 30%+ more strength! 

Be in Control

Aluminium twist allows you to control your fragrance flow 

Continuous Flow

Internal reed diffuser draws fragrance quicker and stronger than ever before! 

Silicone Plug

Prevents over saturation and delivers a longer lasting experience! 

Luxury Style

Quality touches never seen before, get ready to Drive Happier than ever before! 

Amazing Fragrances

Choose from over 30+ reformulated, iconic Carfume fragrances in our classiest, most exclusive Carfume product yet! 

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