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Carfume™️ Gift Set - For Him


Drive Happy

Our premium car air fresheners are the perfect gift for Him.

Featuring our 3 most popular fragrances and colours, AND it represents great value with Free Shipping in the UK Included. 

Comes with Matt Black, Matt Blue and a surprise colour in a luxurious gift box. 


He races triumphantly over the finish line, victorious he may be, but his thoughts turn to the next challenge – the wearer of Creedy is always striving for more! Fearless and sophisticated, Creedy intricately blends vanilla, musk and ambergris with appleblackcurrant and bergamot and notes of juniper, patchouli and jasmine. 


He takes the last few perilous steps before reaching the summit. He can finally breathe. The beautiful lake glistens below and eagles soar overhead. Savage encapsulates the heady feeling of freedom with notes of fresh bergamot and woody ambergris.

One Million

Beguiling, confident and passionate in everything he does, One Million is for the man who likes all eyes on him! Leathery whitewood and cinnamon blend with rose, mandarin and peppermint to create this delicious fragrance.


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