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Roadtrip Ready - Roadtrip Essentials from Carfume HQ

There's no better feeling than when the sun is shining and your going on a roadtrip. Now that the weather's perked itself up, it got us thinking, what are the perfect roadtrip essentials? So we asked everyone at Carfume HQ for their thoughts!

First up, and a popular choice amongst everyone was... a decent playlist!  We've all been there, windows down, shades on and singing along to your favourite tunes like nobodies watching...until you pull up to the lights!  We know the importance of a good playlist, which is why we put together the best playlists for different drive on Spotify, just search 'Carfume' or follow this link. 

Another popular answer was snacks! If you've got a long drive, snacks are essential (or even if its a short drive, snacks are life!). Sugary sweets to provide energy are a popular choice, we recently worked with Vegan All Sorts and can confirm their sweets are delish and definitely roadtrip worthy!

Obviously, no journey is complete without a Carfume! Our new Cute collection is proving really popular, and everyone at HQ thinks it would be perfect for a long drive.  If you haven't got yours yet, make sure you do soon as they are selling fast!!


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