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Traditional Fragrances

Our new range of traditional fragrances are perfect for those wanting a classic scent from Carfume.

There are 5 new fragrances to chose from to keep your car smelling amazing and level up your driving experience.

We've created a new collection with 5 traditional scents we know you love!

Our traditional range brings your favourite fragrances to your car from only £5.99.

Gentle, calming, fresh. Evoke the familiar warmth of home and boost your mood with the scent of freshly washed linen and soft, fluffy towels.

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Fresh, zingy, uplifting. Let the crisp and woody fragrance of a snow-topped pine forest fill the air and boost your mood.

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Clean, leathery, fresh. Boost your mood and bring back that exciting new car feeling with this unique blend.

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Calming, sweet, comforting. Bring back memories of childhood and boost your mood with the delicious fragrance of cupcakes and ice cream cones.

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Fruity, charming, sugary. Boost your mood with the delicious scent of fresh cherries and strawberries.

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