Introducing Carfume™️ "Mist"

The new and exclusive all-in-one Diffuser and Humidifier from Carfume

Your new favourite car accessory...

The Carfume Mist® is an ultrasonic diffuser that vaporizes water with your chosen fragrance to create a calming, smooth and cool fragrant mist.

Perfect for use in your car or home, with 5 exciting premium Carfume fragrances to choose from!

'Mist' Features

  • Choice of lighting - Clear white or rainbow
  • Two mist modes - Delay and Constant
  • Fits in all car cup holders
  • Compact size
  • Stylish premium finishes
  • USB powered
Carfume Mist - Black - Carfume™️ UK

Carfume "Mist" Black


Carfume Mist - Pink - Carfume™️ UK

Carfume "Mist" Pink


Carfume "Mist" White


"Mist" Refill Set