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Take pride in your ride

Most Car Air Fresheners are cheaply made, ugly and loose their scent in minutes.

Not Carfume, we pride ourselves on our unique & quality designs, long-lasting fragrances and identical designer dupe scents.


Level up your drive with a Carfume hanging Car Air Freshener. Delivering the longest lasting fragrance and adding ultimate luxury to your drive! 



The Carfume Surge, the strongest, longest-lasting Car Air Freshener on the market - with just one spray filling your whole car with your favourite aftershave or perfume scent!


Sleek, modern, luxurious and stylish, the Carfume vent diffusers perfectly compliments the interior of any car and provide long-lasting designer fragrances for your drive!

What Our Customers Say

My experience with carfume was really good, delivered on time and the product was better then I expected as for the fragrance I went for million and omg my car smells lush haha would defo recommend

Alexander H.

Verified Buyer

The quality and presentation of this product is second to none. The fact they are refillable is very appealing. Excellent fragrances too.

Geoff F.

Verified Buyer

Very easy to order and was delivered literally 2 days later so excellent service. Very happy with the product and the smell. Overall a 10/10 experience. Will definitely be offering again.

Kellie B.

Verified Buyer


vs. Competitors

We are obsessed with making the highest quality and most nutrient dense bone broth. We don't cut corners and we don't sell anything less than our quality standard, which is higher than all of our competitors.


Unique Design

Poor Design

Ultra Absorbent Cork

Leaky Cork

High Quality Fragrances

Diluted Fragrances

Fragrance Flow Control

No Fragrance Flow Control

Lasts Up To 8 Weeks

Lasts Up To 1 Week

The #1 Choice For Car Air Fresheners

See why over 200,000 customers trust Carfume

Strong Smelling Fragrance

"Very Strong smell and accurate to the original fragrance (olympia)

Very Happy with product."

- Hayley B.

"What a beauty! Fast delivery, lovely packaging. Beautiful fragrance, if only I could afford a bottle of the original Lost Cherry…"

- Susanna J.

"Not only are the new Carfume 2.0 colours and designs so aesthetically pleasing but they smell HEAVENLY! We ordered 4 scents and I struggled to pick which one to use first! A must-have for any car owner!"

- Nicole T.