Your one-stop-shop for luxury Car Air Fresheners. Fragrance your car with your favourite perfume or cologne, limited edition scents and innovative electronic car fragrance products.

Think of car air fresheners and a limp and unimaginative green or yellow cardboard ‘magic’ tree or a jelly belly scented like an overbearing toilet cleaning product, is probably what springs to mind. At Carfume we are hoping to change that perception forever with our incredible range of premium, unique and luxurious Car Air Fresheners. No more headaches, or predictably dull car air fresheners dangling sadly from the rear-view mirror, just a beautifully scented car awaits. 

We put a lot of time and research into finding the perfect fragrances here at Carfume HQ. Our core range are inspired by your favourite perfumes and colognes or aftershaves. We also have a range of seasonal limited editions, inspired by the time of year and current trends. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, you can rely on Carfume to have the latest fragrances to choose from. Our latest permanent addition to the range is the Carfume Traditional Range, this selection provides the more conventional scents, but in true Carfume style they have been taken up a level entirely and smell amazing.

Our perfume and aftershave inspired range will ensure that your car always smells as good as you do! We are all familiar with the concept of layering perfumes or colognes, by using a matching body lotion or shower gel to guarantee the fragrance lasts all day. Taking this idea and applying it to your car interior makes so much sense, ensuring your signature perfume or aftershave follows you everywhere you go! 

If you are struggling to choose between all the wonderful fragrances on offer then why not take our Quiz, you will find it on the Fragrances section of our website, which will help you find your perfect scent. There are detailed descriptions of all our fragrances if you still can’t decide. Or perhaps just treat yourself to one of our Gift Sets and switch things up a bit, with three scents to choose from in each box!

Choosing the perfect air freshening product for your car could not be easier, at Carfume you will be spoilt for choice. 

The Carfume Original Range is our core product, presented in a beautiful geometric, crystal shaped bottle with a wooden lid. The Carfume Original comes in a variety of colours and can either be hung from the rear-view mirror or paired with a Vent Clip and attached to the air vents. The Carfume Premium is an identical design, but the glass has a stunning matt finish and comes in several colours, including the iconic matt black. The Carfume Orb is our latest addition to this range, it not only has a matt finish but is also in a spherical bottle, hence the name!

The Carfume Deluxe is sleek, discreet, and stylish. Made from pure aluminium it comes in several colour options, including Black and Rose Gold and attaches to the air vents. The Carfume Deluxe is presented in a striking, high-quality box, making it the perfect gift for someone special. 

The Carfume Cute Collection brings a fun twist to car fragrance. Choose from our selection of Carfume Bears or the Carfume Unicorn. These adorable car air fresheners simply attach to the car air vents, giving a gentle flow of scent throughout your car and they look super cute too.

We have recently introduced a range of Carfume Scent Cards, these are stylish and minimalist in design. They can be used to fragrance any small space. Hang them in a wardrobe, or tuck some into your drawers, to keep your clothing smelling beautifully fresh.

If you like to have an on-demand and instant boost of fragrance then you need to try one of our amazing USB powered, electronic fragrance diffusers. The Carfume Mist is lightweight, versatile, and portable with a rainbow lighting effect that subtly brightens any room or car. It can easily be used both in the car, fitting neatly into any car cup holder, or why not take it inside your home where it can be relied upon to bring a fresh boost of fragrance to any small space or room. 

Whatever your Car Air Freshener needs are, you can always rely on Carfume to have something for everyone. Whether you are wanting to try a car cologne, car perfume, a traditional scent or something new and original, with Carfume you will never be disappointed. Our range of carefully chosen Car Air Freshener products will ensure that you are able to simply choose the ideal product for you, along with your favourite fragrance at the click of a button. All our Carfume products can be used individually or alongside one another, to create your optimum car fragrance. Drive happy with Carfume.