Our guide to the spookiest Scare Fests in the UK

It’s October so that can only mean one thing, it’s spooky season! If a spot of trick or treating and pumpkin picking don’t quite give you the heebie jeebies like they once did, then perhaps you need to up your Halloween game. When I was a child my costume was always homemade and usually fashioned from a bin bag, Halloween involved a few sweets and games, it was great fun but nowhere near as elaborate as it is now. With every passing year it just gets bigger, better and most importantly scarier! If you truly want to be terrified this year then you need to book yourself a visit to a Scare-Fest.


First and possibly the scariest is the Yorkshire Scaregrounds Scream Park near Wakefield. It promises five different scare attractions/experiences ranging from an abandoned meat factory to a hospital hell, and they have introduced two new attractions for 2021 - a zombie zone and the Forest of Freaks, if you hate clowns you are seriously going to lose it when the circus performers (who were killed in an accident) come back to say hello!



If waiting a whole year to go back is just too long then don’t worry, they also hold petrifying Christmas and Valentines events too. Open from 8th - 31st October Thursday to Sunday evenings. Tickets must be booked in advance and are £21 each. There is a licensed bar on site, should you need a drink to calm your nerves beforehand and there is also delicious street food on offer. Book your tickets now on their website or watch a trailer, if you dare! 


Every October TwinLakes in Melton Mowbray transforms into the Xtreme Scream Park. Awarded best Halloween and Scream Park in the UK by Scarecon, it’s not hard to see why. This is definitely not a Scare-Fest for the faint hearted. Their own disclaimer states “This is an INTENSE experience, and no refunds are given under any circumstances, especially to wimps/quitters!” There are a number of brand-new attractions for 2021 including “The Pie Factory” which plays on the local areas history of pork pie making, however this has a gruesome and horrifying twist, just be careful you don’t end up in one of the pies!

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Aside from the haunted attractions there is plenty of entertainment from street shows to fire acts and two rides included in the ticket price. Tickets are priced at up to £39.50 but we are sure you will get your moneys worth of screams for that price. Tickets sell fast so be quick, they can be bought on the website.


York is a city that is just made for Halloween and all things spooky so it’s the perfect place to visit during spooky season. York Maze hosts HallowScream throughout October which features five different haunted house experiences from the revolting sounding Fleshpot, featuring a farmer who skins people alive and serves up their flesh to 2073, a time travelling experience to a post-Trump nuclear apocalypse.



They also open up HallowScream in the afternoons, just for 10–15-year-olds, aptly named HallowTween, it’s the perfect introduction to horror and gore for any youngsters who are brave enough! It still looks terrifying and is a great idea for a half term activity. Street food is available and sounds delicious, from the Dead Good Burger Company through to Churios Amigos which serve up fresh churros, marshmallows and hot chocolate dipping sauce, with a spooky twist. Tickets range from £24 to £39 for adults or £12 to £16.50 for Hallowtweens. Check out the website for more info. 


Alton Towers hold their Halloween Spooktacular every October, and it just gets better with each passing year. Not only can visitors enjoy the usual rollercoasters and rides day and night, but they cater for all ages with Cbeebies land even joining in and hosting a Monster Ball. For anyone over the age of 10 there is the Alton Towers Dungeon experience, a 45-minute immersive experience where you will be sentenced by the Bishop of Stafford and come face to face with a ghost, tickets for this are available at an extra cost. For people looking for a truly petrifying encounter then tickets for the scare mazes can be purchased as an add on, suitable for age 15+ these are not for the fainthearted with mazes named Freak Show and The Attic among others.



New for 2021 is Trick O’ Treat Town, an interactive experience for the whole family. Tickets for the Scare Mazes, Dungeon and Trick O’ Treat Town all need to be purchased alongside an Alton Towers Admission ticket, so the cost to take part in everything would be £87 for an adult, however you can choose to add some, all or none of these extras to the regular admission price of £39 per person. It may not be the cheapest Scarefest but the combination of Halloween attractions with the usual rides, which let’s face it are scary enough, we guarantee this will be one Halloween adventure you will never forget. Tickets and further information are on the Alton Towers website.


However you decide to celebrate Spooky Season this year, one thing is for sure, with so many incredible Halloween and Scare Fest events all over the UK you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

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Drive Spooky and enjoy!

Love Team Carfume x









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