Our Favourite Perfumes of 2021

Our Favourite Perfumes of 2021

It’s that time of year again, time for autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, conker gathering (yes even in 2021) and throwing those chunky knits on. Autumn is upon us, which can only mean one thing, Christmas is just around the corner. Whilst it can be difficult to think of new and original gifts, there is one present that we promise will never disappoint - a carefully chosen perfume.

If your recipient has a signature scent then it should be pretty easy, if slightly unimaginative, you can pick something lovely from this range. The body lotion or bath oil or even a fabulous giftset. However, what if you do know what your recipient’s signature scent is, but you really want to impress them with something different, but carefully considered. Choosing a new perfume like this may sound daunting but there is a tried and tested method you can use to ensure you choose the perfect perfume every time.

The first task is to make a list of the perfume/s you know your recipient loves, then a quick google should be able to help you find out which fragrance family these perfumes belong to. We find with most people that you can quickly see a pattern emerging and from there you can work out which fragrance family they seem to prefer. It could be oriental, floral, fresh, or woody. Whichever family you settle on, this now makes your next job a whole lot easier! Once you have a fragrance family, google is, once again, your friend. You will be able to compile a shortlist of the most popular perfumes in that family. Next stop is the department store, where you can test out your shortlist and choose the perfect fragrance! We love this method here at Carfume HQ, it’s thoughtful, methodical and seems to work a treat. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

At Carfume we follow fragrance trends very closely and draw inspiration from these to help us develop innovative ideas for our amazing car air freshener range.

We have put together a list of our top ten perfumes for 2021. Our favourites list is a mix of classics and new perfumes on the scene, we hope it gives you some helpful ideas when you next head out perfume shopping.


1. Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01

    Wow, this is an incredible perfume. It shouldn’t work, as it is so breathtakingly simple in formula, but it really does. Containing a single, synthetic molecule and therefore fragrance note, it subtly draws you in. It works in cohesion with the wearers natural pheromones to produce an addictive and intriguing scent. It also works mysteriously with the olfactory system, vanishing and reappearing at random, but this is just the way it bonds with the wearers olfactory (smell) receptors, it hasn’t vanished at all - it is merely playing tricks on your mind! This perfume is suitable for men and women and has gained a huge following, if you haven’t already then we highly recommend you try it.

    2. Perfect by Marc Jacobs 

    Only launched in 2020 this modern floral soon built up a cult-like following and it is easy to see why. Fruity, fun, and promoting confidence and self-love, it is no wonder the viral hashtag is #PerfectAsIAm

    3. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel 

    Introduced in 2001 and hoping to appeal to a younger audience than the traditional Chanel perfumes, this beautiful fresh oriental fragrance soon became a firm favourite all over the world. It is now considered a classic. Delicate but striking Coco Mademoiselle takes the wearer from day to night with ease.

    4. Alien by Thierry Mugler

    Year after year Alien features at or near the top of our list. A gorgeously feminine, woody floral scent that can never be forgotten. If you love florals we can be sure you are going to love this one.

    5. Snow Fairy by Lush

    Though Snow Fairy may not a perfume in the traditional sense, we absolutely adore this fragrance here at Carfume HQ, so it just had to feature in our top ten. Sweet and fruity it is just lovely and one of those aromas we just cannot get enough of! Soak in the bath products and spritz on the body spray for a festive fragrance that will last all day!

    6. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

    Described as an explosive bouquet, Flowerbomb truly lives up to its name. It quite literally burst onto the perfume scene over ten years ago, the first female fragrance released by Viktor & Rolf. An array of floral notes combines with woody undertones in this divine perfume. The pink crystal bottle is also a thing of beauty.

    7. Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    A unique oriental-floral fragrance, Baccarat Rouge 540 is another perfume that is suitable for both men and women. Created in 2015 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the renowned Baccarat Crystal House this perfume has gone from strength to strength.

    8. You by Glossier

      A gentle, soft, and warm perfume, designed to help the wearer smell like themselves, but even better, hence the name! It is a Floral, Woody Musk and joins the growing number of modern perfumes that are suitable for men and women. It comes in a unique and striking ‘thumbprint’ design bottle.

    9. Angel by Thierry Mugler

      Sweet, strong, and unforgettable with vanilla and chocolate notes leaving a lingering impression. An Oriental Gourmand perfume, Angel divides opinion, but we love it at Carfume HQ. Presented in the iconic star shaped bottle, it definitely makes an impact.

      10. Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone 

      Jo Malone has the most beautiful perfume range; it is so difficult to choose a single favourite. We love them all, however Pear & Freesia has such an uplifting and delicate freshness and that is what makes it irresistible. Even better, like the rest of the Jo Malone range, it is Unisex.

      We hope that us sharing our top ten perfumes for 2021 gives you some inspiration when choosing your next perfume, whether for yourself, or as a gift for somebody else. If you do just a little bit of research and preparation beforehand, then rather than feeling overwhelmed you should feel relaxed and ready to find the perfect signature scent for you or that someone special!

      Shop happy, spritz happy, drive happy.
      Love Team Carfume x
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