How You Can Save Money on Your Car This Summer

How You Can Save Money on Your Car This Summer

Prices are rising across the country right now, a visit to the supermarket can make you feel like you have a hole in your pockets. Filling up the car is becoming a nerve-wracking weekly pilgrimage for even the most budget conscious petrol heads.

But have no fear, Carfume is here to give some cheer amidst all the doom and gloom. As specialists in car care, we have compiled a handy guide of changes you can make to carry on driving happy without breaking the bank.

So, without further ado, here is your Carfume guide to owning a car in 2022…

When it comes to car tax, pay for it annually over a monthly policy if you can

 When buying a car, one of the most important aspects is tax and many don’t realise the savings that can be made through a simple choice. A tax band of D will cost £115 for the entire year when paid upfront but £120 when paid in 12 monthly blocks.

Little can go a long way in this economy if you can find those small savings not always clearly shown on the government website.

We understand it comes down to those big cost savings at the end of the day but as the adage goes “Watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”.

Insurance is where the biggest savings can be made so don’t get caught out by a dodgy policy

When it comes to taking out a new policy or renewing an old one, there are a few ways to go about it.

First, we would be using one of the many comparison websites out there to find a better deal than you currently have. When you have done that, find the customer service number of that company and see if they can knock the cost down even further.

Often there are many added extras that we don’t need so please make your provider aware of what you can remove from the current policy. Be persistent as they can take their sweet time, they are looking to get the most profit from you, so make sure you play them at their own game.

If you are an ultra-confident motorist, increase your excess, this can reduce your overall cost by up to 20% in some cases.

To round this section off, make sure your policy is yearly rather than monthly once again because you can often get a discount from your premium, and you will avoid that extra build-up of interest that is added onto your bill.

Keeping your car fresh and clean is paramount but it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny

Keeping things clean and tidy can give us a sense of clarity and keep us organised, the same goes for your car.

The cost of valeting and car washes will inevitably rise in the current economy, so finding ways to keep your motor clean for less, is essential.

You could wash your car yourself on the weekend by simply grabbing the hose, some car wash solution, and a chamois leather. This will allow you to keep money aside for petrol and other necessary and sometimes unexpected expenses!

At Carfume, we have ensured that car care remains available for everyone, no matter the cost – making sure our premium air fresheners and air quality kits carry maximum longevity, for simple cost effectiveness.

Clean doesn’t have to cost the earth…find your carfume here

Make sure your tyres are pumped up, it’ll keep you afloat

Tyres are easily one of the most important points of focus when it comes maintaining and saving on your car costs.

First, your suspension is kept in check by having each tyre of equal inflation meaning you reduce the likelihood of car failure. You could simply save up to £50 a year by ensuring your tyres are inflated properly – not only do flat tyres increase the likelihood of an accident but also susceptibility to punctures.

If you need to purchase new tyres, then don’t hesitate because a broken-down car is not good for anybody’s ability to cut costs.

Without a doubt it is the bedrock of a working car, alongside carrying out proper maintenance checks of your engine, oil, and water levels.

Don’t wait for unexpected costs, try to anticipate, and prevent them!

In respect to driving, there’s much more you can do on the road than you think!

Driving recklessly can have a huge impact on how much fuel you burn and the quality of your car parts. There are a few things you can do to manage the rein in the amount of fuel you use and keep your car running for longer.

This could be driving in higher gears or accelerating a little more slowly. Allowing yourself the time to drive with more consistency can save you from burning excess fuel, helping you to go further for less.

Safety can have a knock-on effect towards the long-term maintenance of your car. Accidents can be dangerous and sometimes, extremely costly. Reduce those unnecessary expenses and you will be reaping the rewards.

To sum it up

Times are changing and sometimes, our habits must follow but that doesn’t mean we should be ditching our beloved motors. They are arguably more important than ever! Getting to work on-time or catching up with your loved ones – all of this is made possible with our cars.

So, keeping them in mint condition is a no-brainer for long term usage. Here at Carfume we understand the importance of keeping luxury goods affordable and are constantly working with our scent specialists to improve the longevity of our car air fresheners and digital purifier products, so you never have to miss out on quality car care.

There is something to suit all budgets at Carfume and we guarantee you will be back for more with our enormous selection of fragrance inspired scents!

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