How to get that new car smell!

How to get that new car smell!

We all know that there's nothing better than that new car smell! Your sat behind the wheel, you take a deep breath and the freshness just hits you. In this article we're going to help you make your car smell brand new and get that "new car smell".

 According to experts, what makes cars smell like new is VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which evaporate into the air and leave behind an odour that's difficult to describe, but anyone who loves cars can recall instantly! These chemicals are used as part of the manufacturing process for tires, plastics and seat belts, among other things. As these materials break down over time, they release those VOCs. Over time, though, the smell wears away.

How to make the new car smell last

Before we look at how to get the new car smell, we're going to discuss a few different ways in which you can make it last. If your lucky enough to have just grabbed yourself a brand new car, then your obviously going to want to keep it smelling like brand new for as long as possible to keep that new car excitement going.

Hoover your car regularly

Hoovering your cars seats and floor mats removes crumbs, dead skin, pet hair and everything else that has built up over time. If left in your car, all these things can lead to a stale odor in your vehicle.

Wash your floor mats

Over time your floor mats will naturally collect and trap all kinds of dirt that if left, will begin to make your car smell musty.

To keep that new car smell it's important that you wash your car mats with detergent and warm water to ensure they are clean and don't end up smelling! Ensure that after washing you dry your floor mats thoroughly - because there's nothing worse than the smell of damp.

Let your interiors get some fresh air

Ever opened your car doors for the first time in a long time and noticed that a smell can linger for a short period of time until some fresh air begins circulating in your car again? To keep your car smelling fresh ensure you let your interiors get some fresh air.

Leave your car doors open for at least 15 minutes before you start to drive.

Clean your car vents

Over time the vents in your car will begin to build up with dust and dirt. Use a toothbrush and a car cleaning solution to help clean your vents out. If your vents have a mildew odor then try to replace the cabin air filter.

Use a new car scent car air freshener

Clean, leathery, fresh. Boost your mood and bring back that exciting new car feeling with the Carfume New Car Delight car air freshener which is specifically designed to help you keep that new car scent!

How to make your car smell brand new

If you've lost that brand new car smell and your desperate to get it back then don't stress too much, there are products that can help you bring back that new car scent. At Carfume we have the perfect Car Air Freshener and scent card in our traditional range that bring back that new car smell.

Our new car delight lasts up to 8-weeks and is available in a number of different colours to suit your car interior. Alternatively you can go for our New Car Scent Card which last up to 4-weeks and costs just £1.49!


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