5 Ways to Boost Your Driving Experience

5 Ways to Boost Your Driving Experience

The average brit spends on average, 101 minutes in their car every single day. That is around 3% of our entire lifespan and it is not to be ignored. 

Time is precious and we must spend it well, and sometimes this just requires a few little tweaks in the process, but chances are, you already have the answers – turn up the music, get the roof down or even lengthy podcast.

However, what if we told you there was a new dimension to driving, allowing you to enhance your sensory experience whilst whizzing up the motorway.

This is where Carfume comes in.

Bringing you cutting edge, mood and health boosting technology, fit for any journey, of any proportion.

Today we show you 5 methods you can use to enhance your driving experience and drive happy!

1. Transform your Car Air Quality

With the pandemic in the rear-view, many of us are still taking extra precautions, and rightly so! 

Keeping you and your family healthy is paramount and one of the best ways you can do this, is by regulating and boosting your car air quality.

At Carfume, we listened to our customers and designed a light, compact and extremely powerful air purifier that can sit comfortable in all cup holders.

At just £24.99, PURE is one of our latest additions to the Carfume range and requires nothing but a USB port to recharge for hours of cleaner air.

Bacteria, microorganisms, and dust particles can cause a plethora of long-term health issues and allergies but luckily, we have the solution for you – the Carfume Pure Air Purifier.

2. Turn your Car Air Vents into Scent Diffusers

For many of us, cars are an extension of the family, and we all want to give our cars a unique and special feel – something that represents us and who we are as people.

At Carfume, we know that if anything leaves a lasting impression, it’s the smell. 

This is where our vent clips come into play – choose from a variety of colours, and an even bigger selection of fragrance inspired refills. 

Whether you’re more of on Invictus man or Pom Noir woman, we’ve got you covered.

Simply place your desired scent stick inside your diffuser, clip it on your air vents and let the wonderful aroma infuse your car.

Who said driving had to be boring? Customise your car today!

3. Want to control the scent at the touch of a button? Try our USB Aura diffusers.

You might be asking yourself, “what is the difference between the aura and the vent clip?” – the answer is longevity. 

Your vent clip will give you the ability to mix and match different scents, whilst the aura can last much longer, and will give you that all important scent boost at the touch of a button.

The aura was designed with minimalism in mind, for the car owner looking to keep it simple.

Each of our sleek and compact, aluminium auras can cover up to 100 square meters of space, ideal not just for car but the living room as well!

Choose your desired oil blend and insert into the Aura for an instantaneous explosion of your favourite scent – whether Oudh or Rouge 450 our 100ml oil bottles pack a punch. Giving you and your journey that much needed energy booster.

4. Your car interior doesn’t just have to smell good; it can also look good!

Carfume are pioneers when it comes to enhancing the visuals of your beloved motor. When we designed our core offering – 3 words came to mind: selection, elegance, and fragrance.

Bringing you expertly crafted glass bottles in a multitude of colours – your Carfume Originals will be the talk of the town…I mean, passenger seats.

Without a doubt a conversation starter, the selection doesn’t stop at our original range.

From our Premium and Traditional designs to more Limited Edition Carfume air fresheners, we have a perfume blend and colour that suits you.

Just don’t get too distracted by it when you’re stuck in traffic! We know. It’s beautiful – but keep your eyes on the road!

5. Sometimes Boosting your own Experience is Boosting Those Around You

Our motto here at carfume is #DriveHappy but it is just as important that we continue to share and spread that message with those around us. 

What better way to do that than gift one of our unique air freshener sets to a fellow petrolhead – perhaps it’s a birthday, maybe its an anniversary or simply just because…

Chosen by our fragrance experts, Carfume brings together our most beloved scents into a beautifully boxed, 3-pack of air fresheners.

However, you decide to share your driving experience, do it with the gift of fragrance. Do it, with Carfume.

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