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Black Opium For Her - Room Plug In


Our Black Opium inspired room freshener is perfect if you want to bring your favourite scent into your home or office.

The plug-ins sit in any upright socket, (do not use them on extension leads). They have strength settings built in giving you the option to have it on 1(Weak), 3(Medium), 5(Strong). Simply unscrew the plastic top and leave the white aroma stick in whilst connecting it to the plug.

Lasting time = 2 months! A small price to pay to have your room smelling ofBlack Opium for 2 months, right?

READ SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONARY TEXT - RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. ALWAYS SWITCH OFF AT THE SOCKET BEFORE REMOVING OR INSERTING THE FRAGRANCE REFILL. DO NOT PLACE IN AN AREA WHERE THE DIFFUSER MAYBE SUSCEPTIBLE TO HARD KNOCKS. If unit becomes damaged, switch power off at the socket before removal. Do not use with extension cords or multi plug adapters. For indoor use only. KEEP IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION. Do not operate with wet hands or metal objects. Do not use continuously - switch off the socket overnight. Leave 50 cm of space above and around the diffuser during use. Do not obstruct or block air flow from unit. Do not use in small, confined pet areas without adequate ventilation. Do not place near a source of heat or direct sunlight. Do not place on polished, painted or plastic surfaces. 

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