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CarFume - The Candy Edition


CarFume - The Candy Edition


We are proud to introduce to you our latest range of tried & tested CarFumes, scented in the UK's most popular & traditional sweets!


With Christmas coming up we think introducing this range will give our customers a perfect gift idea! We all know someone who has a sweet tooth, right!?


Over the past couple of months our product testers and market research team have been working tirelessly to bring the best possible sweet scented CarFumes to the table. Some of the more popular sweets unfortunately didn't work well as an air freshener but we have managed to narrow them down to 5 of our best performing & best smelling CarFumes!


If you have any questions or would like to give any feedback on the range, please email


Please Note - Colour selection is NOT available, your order could arrive in any of the 6 colours we have available. Colour requests can be sent to the above email address, we will do our best to match the requests sent in but to no guarantee.