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Three spookalicious scents, four random colours -  get yours today!

Three spookalicious scents to choose from...


Walking through the cold crisp air, crunching through fallen autumnal leaves, spooky anticipation fills the air! It must be October 31st.  

Twinkling lights and smiling pumpkins light the way home. Pumpkin spice is a delectable blend of pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Halloween in a bottle.


The sound of splashing and laughter fill the air, children gather round in their spookiest costumes, taking turns at bobbing for an apple.

The bonfire roars in the background and the fireworks start with a bang, that first tasty crunch of toffee apple whilst watching in awe. Candy Apple brings back wonderful memories of Halloween and Bonfire Night with a delicious blend of sweet apple and vanilla.


That unmistakable crunch, rich, buttery, dark and sweet. A welcome treat on a cold, dark evening.

Pause for a moment and let Treacle Bonfire Toffee take you right back to childhood with a delicious blend of treacle, syrup and vanilla.

Get your Limited Edition Halloween Carfume today!

Limited Edition Halloween Carfume

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