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Rainbow Bear - Carfume

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Drive Happy. 

Our Carfume™️ Rainbow Bear are the perfect road trip companion.

Our mood enhancing fragrances are guaranteed to level up your Driving Experience

1. Choose a color to match your style 
2. Choose your premium mood enhancing fragrance
3. Pick your playlist & Drive Happy

Not only does the Carfume™️ Rainbow Bear looks amazing and will slowly release your favourite fragrance as you drive!  

Answers to popular questions...

Q: How do they work?
A: Your Rainbow Bear will come with a dedicated bottle of your chosen scent, simply squeeze 2 or 3 drops directly onto your bear and attach to your car vent using the clip provided. Once the scent starts to wear off, repeat the process. An instruction card is provided with every order.

Q: Do they work on all vents?
A: Yes, the vent clip can attach to every vent possible, as long as it is an upright vent. 

Q: Do I need to buy a vent clip with it?
A: No, everything you need comes with the Rainbow Bear; The item, a bottle of chosen scent & your vent clip along with an instruction card. 

Q: Are they fragile? 
The bears are a very delicate item and require careful handling. We recommend that you avoid pouring your fragrance onto or near the crown. 



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